Historical homes in danger

Of the 40 homes in the immediate neighborhood of the proposed construction, 36 (90%) are of historical significance, including 28 built before 1920.  Dates of homes are shown on the map.

The three homes to be torn down include two of the oldest homes in Montreat: 

These three homes are described and pictured in detail in a May 2021 article published by the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County (PSABC), "Chester Lord of “Lord Place” and the Start of the “pretty little religious village” of Montreat"

On the feasibility of restoring the homes, PSABC's Director of Preservation said:

"While no project is straightforward, PSABC is confident that the Lord Apartments and Chestnut Lodge could be rehabilitated without undue burden to the MRA.... Chestnut Lodge and the Lord Apartments represent an irreplaceable connection to the beginnings of Montreat. The successful rehabilitation, in addition to sensitive infill, would constitute an investment in the future of Montreat."

map with dates of historic homes updated Jan 22.pdf