Proposed Hotel Construction

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Details of the proposed new hotel construction, based on February 2021 meeting neighbors called with Richard DuBose, president of the Montreat Conference Center (MCC), as well as more recent announcements by the MCC.  The corporate/legal name of the MCC is the Mountain Retreat Association (MRA).

Overhead Veiw

Overhead view of the site plan for the proposed new hotel.  

Cross-Section View

Cross-section of the proposed new hotel. Red dotted lines show current buildings which would be replaced  (Galax House, Chestnut Lodge and Lord Apartments).  

Location of Proposed New Hotel

Buildings labeled in blue are owned by the Montreat Conference Center.  Green are privately owned.  Black border outlines the site planned for construction of the new hotel.

View from Georgia Terrace

This view from the north shows a garden courtyard next to Georgia Terrace.  Main entrance to the hotel would be at the end of the building on the right, off a circle drive.

View from Assembly Drive

On the lower right is the entrance to underground parking for 30 cars, accessed from Assembly Drive.  The outside terrace is a proposed feature which may need to be altered or let go due to cost.

Current View from Assembly Drive

The new hotel would replace the Galax House.  Entrance to the underground parking garage would be about where the steps are currently. By-the-Way and Georgia Lodge are visible in the background.

"By-the-Way" ~ 319 Assembly Drive

Next door to the proposed hotel.  Historic home built in 1908 by Elisabeth Foreman and still owned by her great-grandchildren.

Floor Plan Main Level

Main Entrance at left end, off Collegiate Circle

Floor Plan Upper Level

Floor Plan Lower Level

Underground parking garage for 30 cars; entrance off Assembly Drive

Note: Up until June 2021, the MRA's plans called for a larger hotel with 48 to 50 rooms, taking up a total of 33,500 square feet not counting the underground parking.