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This website is created and maintained by Montreat homeowners and supporters who care deeply about Montreat and are concerned about the damage that the proposed hotel may cause.

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We also have two email lists:

  • The Stewards Updates List will send news two or three times a month. See below for previous updates.

  • The Montreat Stewards Google Group receives more frequent news and allows those working against the proposed hotel to communicate with each other.

  • Either mark your preference on the petition, or email and specify which list you want to join, and you will be added.

13-Update #13 -Montreat hearing continues December 13 and 15.pdf
12-Update #12-Nov 17 Permit Hearing Postponed.pdf
11-Update #11-Hearing Continues, to Meet Nov 17 in Town Hall.pdf
10-Update #10-Montreat Permit Hearing Continues Nov 4 @ 4 pm.pdf
9-Update #9-Montreat Permit Hearing continues @ 4 pm 10-28.pdf
8-Update #8-Montreat Permit Hearing @ 4 pm today - Oct 21, 2021.pdf
7-Montreat Stewards Update #7 - Sept 30, 2021.pdf
6-Montreat Stewards Update #6 - Sept 15, 2021.pdf
5-Montreat Stewards Update # 5 - July 22, 2021.pdf
4-Montreat Stewards Update #4 - June 30 2021.pdf
3-Montreat Stewards Update # 3 -June 8, 2021.pdf
2-Montreat Stewards Update # 2_ April 27, 2021.pdf
1-Montreat Stewards Update # 1_ April 5, 2021.pdf